What’s New in Version 12.6?



New Look
Over the past couple of months, Estimating Edge has undergone a brand update. Due to this change, we have incorporated our new brand into The EDGE. The new look includes a logo updated with new modern colors. Rest assured, we have not moved any buttons around or changed any functionality.


Best Practice: All users within your company should be on the same version “build”. This allows everyone to see the same screens and have the ability for collaboration.

    • In the case where a company cannot update all devices/users to the latest build, we recommend to not update to the new version until all users are using the same version “build”.


Bid Management

    • Recap screen – Ability to maneuver to the pricing or labor screens and display the material/labor for an individual tax class or user code.
    • Create Group button – A drop down option is now available in the category selection box when Creating Groups. Options include existing categories from your database to add the new group to.
    • Conditions
          • Linking one condition to another condition – The default source condition linked is located directly above the target condition.
          • Adding a new condition into a bid that already contained conditions, the new condition is added into the list directly below the condition that was highlighted when the Add Condition button was selected.
          • Inserting conditions – If conditions are inserted from more than one group (Group Database), the order of the conditions once added to the bid, is based on how conditions are listed in the database.
    • Condition Properties
      • Last condition opened – From the condition grid, after opening properties or maneuvering to the condition items, pricing, labor or recap screens, moving back to the condition grid will now display the last condition viewed.
      • Scrolling no longer required; all fields fit within the dialog box.
  • Pricing and Labor screens – All text is visible for the source Condition on the right-hand side of the Pricing and Labor screen.
  • Additional keyboard commands – Added based on user feedback! For a comprehensive list visit. For a comprehensive list or to download a pdf visit The EDGE Knowledgebase.


Upcoming! Key Feature Update 
In Sections, there are options to export to accounting software. In the near future, we are moving the accounting export buttons to The EDGE Admin Portal. This will allow personnel, without a license, to export data to accounting software. For a list of active EDGE and Accounting software integrations, click here to learn more.


Product Feedback
Your feedback is important to us. If you have product feature or functionality requests, submit here.

If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support. Email: support@estimatingedge.com Phone: 844.334.3378.