Replicate Conditions

How To Replicate Conditions

Press: CTRL + F3
This feature has been designed specifically for the Painting contractors. If they have multiple rooms with the same finishes the estimator can set up one condition and then “replicate” all the fields set up in the original condition with room numbers for instance.

This feature is only available from the Condition List screen, it will be grayed out in all other screens.

Insert a Painting Condition and click Condition | Replicate.

This will actually generate an error message we would like you to be aware of. Before you can run Replicate you have to setup the Condition. Click OK, then open the Condition Properties icon

The correct way to use Replicate is to first open the Condition Properties dialog and Edit the Condition Description.

Add ~RC~ to the Description Field, then click OK. The ~ mark you see before and after the RC is called a Tilde (Til-da). It is the very first key on the top row of your keyboard.

You are returned to the Condition List screen.

Click Condition | Replicate again the dialog open. Read the comments at the top of the dialog to see the different ways information can be entered.

Click OK, The EDGE Replicates the conditions, inserts them into the Condition List screen with zero quantities, ready to be digitized.

Replicate Conditions – You may find that you have a job with the same condition occurring a large number of times. While you could save time by copying and inserting the condition, if it occurs one hundred times, copying and inserting will take quite a while. To save time in a situation like this, you will use an option called Replicate Conditions. To use this, select Conditions | Replicate Conditions from the menu bar. A dialog will open in which you will enter condition numbers and/or ranges separated by commas, and fields to auto-fill.

When setting up a condition for replication, you will first name your condition, remembering to include ~RC~ after the name, which stands for Replicate Condition. This indicates that this is the condition to replicate. Then you will set up sequential descriptions for that same condition. For example, you may have the same wall in rooms 100-125 of a hotel. So you would insert 100-125 into the memo area of the dialog. Then you will press the OK button and the condition will be created 26 times in your job. Just to check yourself, you can look at the condition page and you would see that condition listed (sequentially) with the room numbers after the condition name.