Replicate, Objects

How To Replicate Objects


Replicating is the Drawing screen equivalent of copying and pasting selections. Replicating objects in the Drawing screen is extremely easy because every time you draw something The EDGE automatically turns Replicate on in case you want to paste that detail throughout your drawing screen. This is extremely useful when replications roof drains, curbs, pitch pans, etc.

In the screen to the right we drew a simple diamond shaped object. As soon as we pressed Enter the Replicate icon as you can see within the circle remembered what we drew last. You can also see, the cross hairs. All we do is select the Replicate icon.

To paste additional copies of the diamond all we have to do is touch the pen to the drawing. We can keep on touching as much as we like. Every time the pen touches the board our diamond is replicated. Replicate will remember this object until we draw the next object.

You can also see that the copied object is tethered to the cross hairs at the intersection.