Report Specific

Standard Reports – Reports Specific-Setting


Print Cover Sheet (for partial job) – if this box is checked The EDGE will print a job report cover sheet for a partial job, normally only prints for a full job. For example a job has three pages but you only want to print one with a cover sheet. Check the box.
Print Job Name On Top Of Reports – if this box is checked The EDGE will print the job name at the top of the page.

Standard Reports

Print Alternate Header Format – the alternate format prints the job name and bid number from the Job Properties screen in standard item detail reports, i.e. Consolidated Report, Labor Adjustments, Pricing and Stocking Reports. It does not print alternate header format conditions Detail or Condition Summary Report.
Print Time In Footer – prints the time the report is printed in the footer of the report.
Print Page Number In Footer – print the page number in the footer section of the report.
Print Quantity Totals – if checked The EDGE will total items like Estimated Units or Price Units provided they are the same.

Recap Report prints a cost in dollars per unit (SQ, SF, EA, CY) for each line on the Recap screen.


Print Background Images – if this box is checked then estimates that are created from electronic plans/drawings will print the original image in addition to the image created by the estimator.
Print 1:1 – the check box is for user that have access to a printer plotter and like to print their estimates as a ration of 1:1 or full size.
Print Legend – the legend will vary slightly from report to report but for the most part the legend may display such things as Quantity, Units, MDays, MHrs, etc.
Print Legend On New Page – same as above but prints the legend on a separate page all by itself.
Suppress Header/Footer – if checked this box removes the header and footer lines at the top and bottom of the drawing screen giving you a little more room to squeeze a drawing onto a page.

Painting Totals

Group By Substrate – if selected groups the paint totals report by similar substrates.
Group By Substrate & Key – if selected the paint totals report by similar substrate and key field.
Group By Substrate, Key & Location – if selected, groups the paint totals report by grouping all similar substrates, paint keys and locations together.
Apply Markups – if checked add any markups from the recap screen to the amount column of the paint totals report.

Paint Color Chart

Vinyl Unit Is SY – if selected displays wall covering materials in SY (square yards) on the paint colors reports.
Vinyl Unit Is LY – if selected displays wall covering materials in LY (lineal yards) on the paint colors report.

Fireproofing Report

Print Fire Test Beams – if checked will print test beams on the fireproofing reports.

Fireproofing Thickness Schedule

Print Adjusted Thicknesses – adds the adjusted thickness column to the Fireproofing Thickness report. This means you see the original thickness and the adjusted thickness.

Fireproofing Totals

Print Detail – if checked prints each page on a separate sheet of paper and adds additional header information to the report.

Roofing Tapered Design

Print Both Areas & Crickets – if selected will print both sloped areas and crickets on the same drawing report.
Print Areas Only-No Crickets – if selected prints only sloped roof areas and no crickets on the drawing report.
Print Crickets Only-No Areas – if selected prints only crickets on the drawing report.
Print Board Labels – Prints a designated label on the drawing report for each board.
Print Fasteners – if selected prints the fasteners length on the tapered profile drawing report.

Save As Default Settings

Allows the user to save selected settings for reports so that they do not have to be setup each time you use the reports.