Refresh Job From Database

How To – Refresh Job From Database

You may find yourself in a situation where something in your estimate has changed. However, it appears that The EDGE is not recognizing the changes. While similar to Recalculate with Refresh you actually decide what fields are to be updated and which are to be left alone. This type of problem usually occurs when a database is updated after an estimate has been performed. To make a shortcut for you to refresh the information in your job, with what is in the database, you can select Tools | Refresh Job from Database. This action will open up a dialog in which you will check the fields that you want refreshed (i.e. account code, description, estimated unit, etc.). Those fields will be refreshed for every item, user code, labor type, and subdivision in the job. The program will then seek out the information you instruct it to and they will be refreshed within the job.

To begin click, Tools | Refresh Job From Database

The Refresh Job From Database dialog opens and the dialog has five tabs. Under the Items tab check the fields you want to Refresh/Update.

Be careful when checking Unit Price. If the prices in your database are kept at zero and your job has been priced checking this box will set all prices back to zero.

Many times it will not be necessary to go beyond the Items tab of the dialog. The next tab is the User Codes tab. There are three fields you can update here if you need to

The next tab is the Labor Types tab, if you have changed the Rate per Hour for some labor types you will to check this box and update labor.

The next tab is the Subdivisions tab, the only reason to check one of these boxes is if you have changed one of these fields someplace else.

The last class is the list of tax classes the default setting is to check all tax classes. Here you uncheck boxes if you do not want a tax class updated.