Room Horizontal

How To Use – Room Horizontal

Room Horizontal:

Room Horizontal is an EDGE function designed for Acoustical Contractors. A major portion of the plans we estimate run parallel or perpendicular to the bottom edge of your digitizer board. The digitizer board always assumes that the perfect horizontal line runs parallel to the bottom edge of the board.
Depicted below are two identical rooms; the first is digitized without using Room Horizontal, and the second is with using Room Horizontal.

Drawing #1

– a room was drawn after pressing Enter the tight rectangle was drawn. You can see by looking at the drawing to the right that digitizing the room this creates a lot of wasted material. That is due to the fact that the digitizer is using the bottom edge of the board as the horizontal reference when it comes to drawing the tight rectangle.

Drawing #2

– is the same drawing as number 1. After pressing Enter, after seeing the tight rectangle we used the Select tool to select the room. Then we clicked on the Room Horizontal icon. Finally, we digitized the lower left corner of the room and then digitized the lower right corner of the room.
The EDGE drew the new tight rectangle. A big difference can immediately be seen in the waste factor.