How To Use Search

The Search feature is used to help you find something you are looking for in an estimate of quickly and easily.

1.Start by highlighting the first line of the screen you are in (Scenario, Section, Page, Condition, Database). This way, the program knows to start the search with the first listing and proceed through the remainder of the list.
2.Click Start | Find from the menu bar.
3.The Find dialog opens.

This dialog contains two fields for you to complete.

The first field ask’s for the Field to search. While the Find function is the same throughout The EDGE the Field to Search drop down will change depending on the screen you are viewing at the time: The chart below will give you examples of the different fields to search depending on the screen:




To select a field, click on the down arrow to open a drop down menu and click on the appropriate field.

4.Next you are asked for a Value to search for. Type a word in the Value field that the program should look for. Then you can specify if the program should look for your value using Case sensitive and/or Partial match.
·A case sensitive search would look for an entry exactly as you type it – all upper case, all lower case, or upper and lower case
·A partial match search would include “drywall” for “wall”. To use these, check the boxes next to the option(s) you want to use. Then press OK and the search will begin.

If there is only one occurrence of your value, Find will forward to that entry. If there are multiple occurrences of the value, the program will forward to the first occurrence. Then you will have to ask the program to find the next listing by selecting Search | Find | Find Next. You will be taken to the next occurrence, and this process will continue until the program cannot find any further occurrences. At that point, you will be advised the search has been completed by the following Information message:

“No (more) matching records found”