Setting up Digimouse in The EDGE (Version 10 and above)

  • Go to Drawing screen. (You must be in the drawing screen to set the digimouse area)
  • Verify that digitizer is digitizing points. Press Enter to close the measuring.
  • While on drawing screen, click Tools | User Options | Digitizer
  • Click the “Set Digitizer Mouse Area” button. Digitize the Upper Left corner of the digimouse menu area. (You should see coordinates appear)

Hint: When digitizing digimouse corners, make sure the coordinates you intend to pick are in the active area of the digitizer.

  • Digitize the Lower Right corner of the digimouse menu area. The coordinates box will disappear
  • Click OK.
  • Close out of The EDGE (you must do this for the next step).
  • Open Tabletworks Control Panel. Along with our default settings, you need to also check the “Mouse” box.

  • Click the “Mapping” tab. It normally looks like this
  • Click “Apply” and “OK’.
  • You should now be able to go back into The EDGE. When the pen is in the digimouse area, it will act like a mouse.
  • When it is not, it will act like a digitizer.

Problem – How do I Clear out the Digimouse Coordinates?
Solution – When on the “Set Digitizer Mouse Area” screen, clear out any current settings by mousing to each coordinate and blanking out. This will result in the 4 coordinates with Zero in them
Click OK. Then click the “Set Digitizer Mouse Area” button again. Coordinates are now zero.

Problem – The pen acts like a mouse over the entire digitizer board, but not just in the mouse area.
Solution – You probably have not set the mapping properly. Redo the mapping tab instructions.