SQL Database marked SUSPECT


Error message indicating SQL Database marked SUSPECT when user attempting to upgrade database, the automated process when a user upgrades for example from 10.5 to 10.6, the edge attempts to create a backup of the database before upgrading it to the current version.


Only known fix is to completely uninstall and reinstall SQL Server following the below steps:

– First go to “Add/Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features” and uninstall all applications that contain “Microsoft SQL Server” or “MSXML”
– Next browse to the Program Files folder and delete folders containing “Microsoft SQL Server” or “MSXML”
– Then run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, highlight any products containing “Microsoft SQL Server” or “MSXML”, and remove them.
– The next step may take awhile.
– Click on the start button and select run, type in regedit and click OK
– When the registry editor opens make sure Computer is highlighted on the left hand side.
– Then click on the Edit menu and select Find, type theedge into the find what field and click “Find Next”.
– Each time the search finds an entry you want to delete it, then click Edit and Find Next or press the F3 button.
– Repeat this until the search does not yield any results.
– Finally, restarting the computer should allow SQL Server to be reinstalled.