SQL Server Uninstall

SQL Express complete uninstall process First go to “Add/Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features” and uninstall all applications that contain “Microsoft SQL Server” or “MSXML” Next browse to the Program Files folder and delete folders containing “Microsoft SQL Server” or “MSXML” Then run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, highlight any products containing “Microsoft SQL Server” or “MSXML”, and remove them. The next step may take awhile. Click on the start button and select run, type in regedit and click OK, when the registry editor opens make sure Computer is highlighted on the left hand side. Then click on the Edit menu and select Find, type theedge into the find what field and click “Find Next”. Each time the search finds an entry you want to delete it, then click Edit and Find Next or press the F3 button. Repeat this until the search does not yield any results. Scroll back to the top and reselect Computer and run through again, using F3, just to insure that all registry entries were removed. Finally, restarting the computer should allow SQL Server to be reinstalled.