Standard Reports Definitions

Standard Reports Definitions

Users Defined Report – Reports created by the EDGE Systems but can be modified, deleted or renamed by the user. The user can even create new reports via the Reports dialog screen.
Condition Detail Report – Prints each condition with quantities, order units, unit prices and extended prices. It is a detail printout of all labor material and miscellaneous items for each condition used in the estimate.
Condition Summary – Summarizes each condition, no details are provided. The user see totals quantities, then a cost breakdown by tax class. A cost per unit column is also displayed on this report.
Consolidated Report – Summarizes the entire estimate or the portion selected and categorizes the items by User Code. Like items are combined. The Consolidated Report shows net amounts only no markups are included in this report.
Labor Adjustments – Time – Prints a labor only report for each condition in the estimate. The report displays quantities, estimated units of production per manday or manhour. Total manhours and days and the cost per day.
Labor Adjustments – Units – A labor report by type of labor. The report displays totals only for quantities, cost per estimated unit, total price, estimated units per hour and total hours.

Pricing – Fax Report – Prints items with quantities and a space for suppliers to write in costs. It also includes a column of how you want the items prices (i.e. Rolls, SF, Boxes, etc.).
Pricing – Purchase Report – A worksheet for your purchasing department that lists the estimated price with a space to write the actual price.
Stocking Report – Prints a list of materials and their calculated quantities without any prices. This report may be used by field crews for more efficient site stocking or prevent over stocking.

Pre-Defined Reports

Pre-Defined Reports – Pre-Defined reports also know as hard-wired reports, these reports can not be altered, edited, modified or renamed by the user.
Recap – This report summarizes the job and shows appropriate taxes and markups. It is the report you will base your bid on.
Bottom End – Prints only the job subdivision totals, the user class and markups. This report is only available if you have multiple subdivisions. If you bid is in only one division this report will not even appear.
Drawing – Prints the drawing screen for all conditions on a page or marked pages along with a key for each condition that was measured using a digitizer or mouse.
Drawing Detail – Prints the detail that has been assigned to a manufacturer’s group or system.
Page Summary – Summarizes the pages in the estimate. No details are provided. The user only sees total cost per page for the estimate. Other minor information such as repeat factors, pitch and scale are also displayed.
Job Info – Prints all the information the user filled in on the Job Properties Screen will th job was created.
Job Proposal – Prints a copy of your company’s bid proposal from a document which was previously imported, saved and stored in The EDGE.

Notes Reports

Job Notes – Prints user defined reports created in the Job Properties dialog screens.
Scenario Notes – Prints user defined reports created in the Scenario Properties dialog screens.
Section Notes – Prints user defined reports created in the Section Properties dialog screens.
Page Notes – Prints user defined reports created in the Page Properties dialog screens.
Condition Notes – Prints user defined reports created in the Condition Properties dialog screens.

Painting Reports

Paint Schedule – Designed specifically for the painting contractor. This report prints a condition by condition detailed report for all surface of each condition. It lists the key, the substrate surface, the height of the surface, which surfaces are to be covered and the estimated hours to complete the work.
Paint Totals – This is a summary report, it lists the surface, key, location, estimated quantity, dollars allocated to material and labor as well as total dollars for material and labor.
Paint Color Chart – Allows the painter to set up a room-by-room color chart. The report prints a chart that displays the description, the paint key, surface, height, what is being painted and the color.
Paint Rm by Rm Schedule – Prints a report that details room-by-room the scope of work required.

Fireproofing Reports

Fireproofing – Gives a detailed breakdown of the tests used, surface, board footage and bags of fireproofing material for each shape estimated. Totals for labor, material are displayed along with hours, test bean, WD/AP and material thickness.
Fireproofing Thickness – Prints a description of each shape, the test used to quantify each shape, the hours and thickness. An ideal report for the fireproofing contractor to give to spray crew and crew supervisor.
Fireproofing Adjustments – A special fireproofing report that allows the estimator to adjust material spray thickness. The report shows original thickness and adjusted thickness , the original board feet and the adjusted board feet.
Fireproofing Totals – This report summarizes the estimate, in addition to showing the different shapes, it also displays each area’s surface area, BF/Bag, Waste %, BF and Bags.
Fireproofing Drawing – Prints the drawing as digitized in full color. If a background image was used it will print as well.
Fireproofing Spray Chart – A color coded report that can be used by field crews. A legend shows each thickness, the drawing shows the locations where the thicknesses are located.

Roofing Reports

Standing Seam – Prints a report specifically designed for metal roofing and standing seam panels. Panels are labeled and the legend provides a panel cut guide.
Tapered Layout – Prints a report the lays out the tapered insulation roof panels, a legend provide the contractor with a guide to all thicknesses, slope, board designation. The module also does crickets and sumps.
Poured Deck Layout – Prints a report designed specifically for contractor’s that do lightweight concrete decks. The report provides layout for insulation, cubic yards of concrete, plus a cross section showing board layout.