Status Line

Status Bar

Drawing Screen

Shown above is an enlargement of the Drawing screen Status Bar found at the bottom of the screen just above the troubleshooter line. There are several columns here which can provide you with valuable information provided you know to look here at what information is contained in that field and how it applies to you and your jobs. An explanation of each field is provided below:
Selection – The title appearing in this field matches whatever icon is lit up along the drawing screen icons.
Scale – Displays the scale entered by the estimator, or the scale calculated by the Background Image Manager. If when you open the Drawing screen it is GRAY in color then NO scale has been set.
Current LF – As you draw lines in The EDGE the length (dimension) of the current line being drawn will appear in this field.
Last LF – Displays the Lineal Feet of the last line drawn.
% of Zoom – Displays the amount of Zoom you are applying to the current drawing. Zoom allows you to enlarge areas of your drawing for better estimating or clarification of details, etc.
Line Angle – The angle the line is being drawn at. 0° is a horizontal line drawn starting at (0,0) and moving some distance to the right. 90° is a vertical line starting at (0,0) and going straight up. The angle increases as you rotate counterclockwise from the horizontal (0,0).
DPI – DPI – Dots Per Inch is a measure of spatial printing or dot density, in particular the number of individual dots that can be placed within the span of one linear inch. The DPI value tends to correlate with image resolution.
Pixels – Pixels are dots used to display an image on a or printed matter. For background images The EDGE displays the number of horizontal and vertical pixels.