Stylus Has Cross Hairs But Doesn’t Digitize


Client Has Crosshairs At Drawing Screen But See’s NO Lines When Digitizing. This problem has only shown up in clients using Ver. 10.4.2. It has occurred on both Vista and XP systems. This problem is very similar to the normal non-digitizing problems, the difference is that the client HAS crosshairs at the drawing screen but nothing happens when he digitizes. Checking Drawing on the menu may show Digitizer check and black not gray.


First thing to do is click Tools | User Options | Digitizer. If you seen the normal pen/button selection screen you have the normal GTCO situation and proceed as you normally do. On the other hand you may get a screen with the Following Message:
WinTab Driver Not Installed

Following the steps below may help you to quickly remedy the situation.

1. Close the Tools | User Options window.
2. Close The EDGE.
3. Open the TWCP window, use the Remove Tablet button to remove all instances of the digitizer.
4. Close the TWCP window.
5. Right click the TW icon on the task bar.
6. Click Reset Tabletworks.
7. After TW resets, open the TWCP – check all settings (WinTab, TabCon, Specify a cursor).
8. Click Refresh and Save the settings.
9. Close TWCP.
10. Open THe EDGE, check color of DIGITIZER at the bottom of the screen (if Green – proceed, if Red repeat steps 3 thru 9).
11. Click Tools | User Options | Digitizer if you seen the normal pen/button selection screen proceed to the next step. If you see WinTab Driver Not Installed repeat steps 3 thru 10.
12. Close the Tools | User Options window.
13. Open the Drawing screen, click Drawing makes sure Digitizer is selected and is Black in color. If not repeat steps 3 thru 13 again until the Wintab driver finally loads