Surfaces DB Properties

Property Dialog Surfaces DB


To view the Properties of the Surfaces Database click Edit | Properties or click the properties () icon.

Item Code – A unique codes that identifies the shape being added. For the most part AES has tried to follow the shape designation as listed in the AISC manual for H, W, I and similar we added designators at the end of the description:
BB – Box Beam BC – Box Column
C – Column C – Column Length
P – Primary Beam S – Secondary Beam
C## – Channel MC – Misc Channel
WT – W Tee ST – Structural Tee
L – Angle DL – Double Angle
SP – Standard Pipe ESP – Ext Strong Pipe
DESP – Dbl Ext Strong Pipe J – Joists

For example: W24104C or w2424104P or w24104S
Description – A complete description of the item, using the examples above:
W24104C = W 24 X 104 – COLUMN
W24104 P = W 24 X 104 – PRIMARY BEAM
W24014C = W 24 X 104 – SECONDARY BEAM

Type – The type field contains a drop down list from which you select how the shape should be calculated by The EDGE. The shape selected should be based on how the shape is going to be used.
Scan – Check this box if you want the current line to appear in the Scan screen. Typically only labels are placed in the Scan screen, other wise you are just duplicating the database.
Settings – The Settings field changes depend on the type field selected previously. Based on the information entered here The EDGE can then perform the correct calculations required.
Weight – Weight in pounds per foot , taken directly from the AISC manual.
Depth – The Depth of the shape, taken directly from the AISC manual.
Flange Width – The Flange Width of the shape taken directly from the AISC manual.
Web Thickness – The Thickness of the Shape’s web taken directly from the AISC manual.
Leg 1, Leg 2 – The OD dimension of the shape as noted in the AISC manual.
Length – The Length of the designated column. Taken from the Column Schedule of the working drawings.
Exp Factor – Used for metal deck material the expansion factor comes from the deck formula.
Outside Diameter – The OD dimension of the pipe as noted in the AISC manual.
Thickness (Pipe, Tube) – This is the wall thickness of the member as noted in the AISC manual.
Depth (Joist) – the is the overall dimension out to out of the joist.
Cover 4 Sides – This field is checked when the beam will be fireproofed on all four sides similar to a column.


HP – This field displays the calculated Heated Perimeter of the shape.
Override HP – If you wish to override the calculated Heated Perimeter place a check mark in this box and then enter the override Heated Perimeter in the next field.
W/D – This field displays the calculated W/D (Weight ÷ Density) of the shape.
A/P – This field displays the A/P for Pipe and Tube, A/P is what W/D is for non pipe or tube shapes.

When finished click OK. The dialog closes and you are returned to the database screen.