Tapered Insulation Deduct Area

How To Deduct Area in Tapered Insulation


There are a couple of rules that need to be followed when deducting area in a Tapered Insulation Condition.

1.The steps for Deducting are the same as anywhere else in The EDGE.
2.When digitizing the area to be deducted make sure to stay inside a single area. DO NOT repeat DO NOT cross any Ridges, Hips, Valleys, etc. If you do cross such lines the deduct will not work or produce the correct SF.
3.If after trying to Deduct an area you can still see the Tapered Insulation line bleeding through after you have clicked OK then you have NOT repeat NOT deducted the area.

The deducted area on the left works because it is located in a single area of the tapered system and does not cross any hips, ridges or valleys. The deducted areas on the right do not work because they are located in multiple areas of the tapered system and they cross over valleys. If you see the tapered insulation lines bleeding through the deduct area after you have pressed enter then you have NOT, repeat, NOT deducted the area. The correct way to exclude an area when using the tapered insulation condition is to digitize around the item that would otherwise be deducted, for example a curb.