Tapered Insulation Reports

Tapered Insulation Reports

Tapered Reports:

1.Open The EDGE if you are not in a Tapered Insulation job.
2.Click on Reports | Standard Reports.
3.Under Roofing Reports, check Tapered Layout.
4.Click the Report-Specific Settings tab at the top of the dialog window.

The top right corner of this screen pertains to Tapered Insulation Reports. It has radio buttons and check boxes from which you can set up what you want to see printed on your reports.
· From the radio buttons you can decide whether you want to print area and crickets together or separately.
· You can check if you want to print labels and fasteners.

5.When you are finished making your decisions you can click the Save As Default Settings button that will save the settings so that you do not have to set them up every time you wish to print a report.
6.After everything is set proceed to the lower left corner of the screen and click the Print button.

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