Title Block

Detail Screen Drawing Title Block

Title Block:

This feature allows you to create page outlines and title blocks for you details and submissions. While it is not required, if you draw in a detail, you may want to include information on the manufacturer, the detail number, etc. Therefore, we have included a Title Block that gets inserted around the image.

To use this option, click on the Title Block icon () and a Title Block will be pasted in the lower left corner of your Detail Drawing Screen.
1.With your mouse point, click on the Title Box frame until 4 green round handles appear.
2.Next, right click on the Title Block, then left click on Properties.

A two window dialog opens:
The left dialog, called Line will ask you to set the line style, color, and width.
The right dialog will ask you for information relating to the individual blocks of the Title Block.
·The first field Division Height, sets how high the sections at the bottom of the Title Block are.
·The Num divisions field allows you to set how many sections you would like available at the bottom of the block (up to five divisions).
·Then each of the divisions get a