Updating Material Pricing and Production Rates within the Database (v10)

Over time, it can be hard to find products (materials) in the look-up window and they need to be organized or deleted. Users can update across the company or for just one job. In this example, we are updating across the company and we will update the product (look-ups) for a roll type, which will organize the look-up list, and change the manufacturer from Generic to Firestone


  1. Navigate to the Conditions screen. Double-click a row


  1. Click on the conditions tab


  1. Click on the condition properties icon 


  1. Click the more options icon
    In this example, we are updating the manufacture from Generic to Firestone. This list will become organized in the look-up window. 


  1. The look-up window appears. Double click the Generic, 045 TPO.


  1. When the edit lookup window appears, change Generic to “Firestone.” Click the Save button when finished. 

To delete any lookups:

  1. Click the delete icon 

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