User Code Database

Customize Columns | User Code DB


To customize your database columns, select Edit | Customize Columns. Doing so will open a Customize list of headings that you have not included.

Added By – Who added the information to the database.
Additive – How the Markups 1 and two are treated.

Costing Code – The costing code from the costing code database that is appropriate for this condition.
Date Added – The date the information was added to the database.
Description – A description of the subdivision from the User Code Database.
Hours/Manday – The number of hours of work estimated per day for one man.
Labor Type – A Labor Type from the Labor Type database.
Markup 1% & 2% – The user code database allows a user the right to markup an entire divisions by a percentage. If you choose to do that enter the percentage in this field.
Markup 1, 2 Desc – Enter in the field a description for the markups 1 or 2.
Subdivision – A subdivision CSI code for the subdivision from the User Code Database.
User Code – An adapted CSI Uniform code that matches the shape with the code.