User Code Totals

Condition – User Code Totals


When you click on Condition | User Code Totals or press F2, you will open another dialog. The User Code Totals dialog will show you the costs you will incur to include this condition in the estimate. The condition cost is broken down by material cost and the cost of all labor types involved. You can either get the total of all costs or you can check the lines of the cost types you want calculated.

This feature is only operational when you are on the Condition List screen. You can access it as noted above or when you have a condition properties dialog open the is a button near the lower left corner of the dialog window.
User Coder Totals Dialog:

You have a few choices how you can view totals click the drop down arrow and select from the list. In the User Code column you can view all the user codes or by selecting boxes you view only the ones checked. Lastly, you can view by cost or by price to you. Remember, this is just a quick down and dirty look at a single condition in a job that could have hundreds of conditions, there are no markups, taxes, burdens, bonds, overhead or profit in these numbers.