User DB Properties

Property Dialog User Code DB


To view the Properties of the User Code Database click Edit | Properties or click the properties () icon.


User Code – Can be either Alpha or Numeric characters, generally numeric characters are used that make with the CSI Uniform System of coding. User Codes must be unique and there can be NO duplicates.
Description – Enter in this field a description for the User Code.
Subdivision – Select a subdivision from the Subdivision database drop down menu. Or, click the database and add then select a new user code.
Tax Class – Select from the drop down menu the correct Tax Class for this User Code.
Costing Code – Select from the drop down menu a costing that is applicable to the user code. Or, click the database and create a new costing code.


Markup 1 & 2 – The EDGE allows estimators to Markup User Codes, as a matter of fact you can have as many as two additional markups applied to a single User Code. The Markup 1 and Markup 2 fields are Description field do not place a numeric entry (Markup) in this field, it will not work.
Percent – These are the two fields where you enter the % of Markup for the User Code
Markup 2 Applied On Top of Markup 1 – If this box is checked Markup 1 is applied and calculated and the Markup 2 is applied and calculated. Other wise both Markups are added together and calculated at one time.


Labor Type – Click the down (ê) arrow and select the applicable User Code Labor. If it is not there click the database icon which will open the User Code Database and you can add the new Labor Type.
Hours/Manday – Enter in this field the normal hours your employees, crews work per day 8, 10, etc.

When finished click OK. The dialog closes and you are returned to the database screen.