What’s New in Version 12.8.3?

Best Practice: All users within your company should be on the same version “build”. This allows everyone to see the same screens and have the ability for collaboration.

In the case where a company cannot update all devices/users to the latest build, we recommend not updating to the new version until all users are using the same version “build”.


New Features

New Trade Added to version 12!

Fireproofing is now available in version 12!  v10 fireproofing customers should contact their EDGE sales representative to learn about v12, including, collaborations, cloud storage and capabilities and improved takeoff.


Bid Management

  • Project Conditions – new functionality created to reduce the user’s project setup time and allow a user to add all conditions on a single page of the project.  Users no longer need to copy and paste conditions from one page into another.  Simply go to the takeoff screen, begin drawing a Project Condition and it will automatically be added to the page!


  • Create a new bid and scenario – To copy a scenario from one bid and create a new bid, the software will now provide the option to copy the images from the source bid into the new bid.
  • New icons have been added throughout various screens. All icons contain tool tips, by hovering your mouse over an icon, a tool tip will pop providing the icon title.
  • Change Orders now have an optional column for Change Order Number, which is a user defined field.
  • Scenarios in Change Order mode may now be deleted by the user.


Takeoff/Image Manager

  • Condition selection – When in project conditions mode, you now have the option to click on a previously taken off shape on the takeoff to maneuver to that condition. You no longer need to click on the condition in the bid tree.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been enhanced in the Takeoff screen, including using “R” for rectangle mode, when applicable and “C” for circle mode, when applicable. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V now work for copying and pasting within the takeoff screen.
  • Drywall Partition – Line thickness for the partition condition will now be scaled from the track width that is set on the General tab of the condition properties. (i.e. if the track width is set to 3-5/8”, the thickness of that line on the takeoff will be equal to 3-5/8” thick).  Changing the thickness setting in the Drawing tab of the condition property or on the takeoff screen will not change the thickness, this can only be controlled by changing the width of either Track A or Track B.


Pricing and Labor Screens

  • Part Number is now a column that can be added to the pricing screen to view any part numbers assigned to line items.



  • Drawing Report has new default paper size options for printing in larger formats. Size options are 8.5” x 11”, 11” x 17”, 22” x 34” and 34” x 44”.
  • Change Order Report was modified to include changes even when all conditions quantities are entered.


General Fixes

  • Additional Minutes were not calculating correctly until the condition properties dialog was opened, forcing a recalculation to occur, this has been resolved.
  • Firetaping tops CQTY’s that were not calculating correctly, are fixed (see known issues for more details).
  • User Code overrides in labor screen are working correctly when repeats or multipliers are used.
  • Report Notes in previous versions were getting cut off and not displaying all characters. This is now resolved.
  • Condition Summary Report is now refreshing after overriding the Contract Amount on the Recap.
  • Acoustical Count Condition had a CQTY (NHW) that was not calculating and now is providing the correct calculation (see known issues for more details)


Known Issues

  • Due to the Firetaping tops CQTY fix, if the following CQTY’s are being used in a bid (SBTA, SBTA2, SBTB, SBTB2, STTA, STTA2, STTB or STTB2), it is possible that your bid amount could change when opening a bid created in a previous version, as these CQTY’s are now being calculated correctly.
  • Due to the Acoustical count condition (NHW) CQTY fix, it is possible that your bid amount could change when opening a bid created in a previous version, as this CQTY is now calculating correctly.
  • The Addon, Surface Type Labor, in the Fireproofing Calcs condition will not function properly in v12. Changes to the CQTY’s being used in this addon will be made in a future release resolving the issue.
  • Condition Schedule will not be available for Fireproofing users. If you have used the Condition Schedule in version 10, Project Conditions will now become the replacement for the Condition Schedule.


Product Feedback

Your feedback is important to us. If you have product feature or functionality requests, submit here.

If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support. Email: support@estimatingedge.com Phone: 844.334.3378.