Work around for incompatible PDF’s

Even though we attempt to keep our digital image handler up to date, there will inevitably be a time when an updated image format is released before we have a chance to update The EDGE. Here are a couple of things that can be done in the event that you wind up with an image that is not 100% compatible with The EDGE.


When attempting to import a PDF into the background image manager and you receive the following error message:

This happens when either:
1. You select the PDF file and The EDGE attempts to generate the thumbnail preview

2. After you have selected the file and clicked Open


If the error message appears as soon as you click on the PDF, try disabling the preview option, prior to selecting the PDF, by clicking on the eyeball.

If the error message appears after selecting the file and clicking open, then the best know fix is to open the PDF in a program like Adobe Pro, which allows you to save the PDF as a TIF.