Zoom and snip drawing

Using Snipping Tool to zoom and combine legend on Drawing

You can use a standard EDGE spray chart report (or any drawing report) and the Snipping tool found in Windows Vista. This is a tool to crop a portion of a screen and paste it on another screen). The first file is just the spray chart converted to pdf. You see the entire drawing and header information.
The second file is in Word format. In this case I was in the pdf file, used Snipit to crop the drawing and paste to a Word file. Crop the legend and past to the same Word file. Right click on the pated legend and change the wrapping properties so it’s on top.

Similar using Adobe Acrobat professional
– Get on page where you want to cut the legend or other object
– Click Tools | Advanced Editing | Touch up Object Tool
– Use Click and Drag to select area to cut
– Click Cut
– Move to new location
– Click Paste